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Syberia 3 serial generator

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screenshot from Syberia 3 game

Game Review

Siberia 3 is the third game version of the Kate Walker adventure. The game was developed by the French Microids studio. Production is a direct continuation of Siberia 2. Siberia 3 was announced in 2009, but after almost 8 years we finally reached the official premiere. Since the launch of the first Siberia it has been 15 years. Kate is not much older since her last adventures, has become mature and somewhat more confident. The title in 2017 debuted on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In Siberia 3 we learn the fate of the above woman, an American lawyer whose business affairs led to Siberia. In earlier editions of the game, the heroine went on an adventurous journey to find the rightful heir to the factory, and then with her decided to go to the far north to where the ancient mammoths are still living. Because the most important themes from the two previous hits of this title game, the title character goes to the village of Youkol. Of course the knowledge of previous events is an asset, but it is not required to understand the history of this game. The game does not completely detach itself from the first two installments of the series, but it is not required to know all of the feature stories in the previous sections. The third part tells a separate story, so you do not have to delve into the story from previous parts of this game.

game picture

Siberia 3 is a three-dimensional adventure game in which the player’s tasks include exploring the locations they visit, chatting with characters, gaining important items, and solving puzzles. New puzzles include physically tinkering with different elements, such as fitting a key to the shape of a hole or undermining the age of a knife box. The story told in the game is linear, but at some point the player can decide how to direct the conversation. The three-dimensional world is an additional difficulty compared to the previous parts. Some items and related interactions are not visible at first. You must walk between rooms to explore locations from different angles. The authors have also introduced a lot of changes in the camera. Its setting varies depending on the location in which we are currently located. The advantage is that we can gently move it sideways. Fans of classics from a dozen or so years ago may not be satisfied with the changes, but the production makes up for the interesting storyline that every fan of adventure has the pleasure to play.

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